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By using AI algorithms to analyze and understand the behavior and interests of your target audience, we are able to optimize targeted metadata and hashtags to reach them more effectively. This approach helps our Instagram marketing to attract potential customers who are already interested in your field, resulting in a higher rate of engagement and conversions.

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Our Instagram marketing behavioral analytics help businesses generate traction by understanding your customers needs, interests and availability. This allows us to create a hyper targeted campaign that resonates with them and prioritizes your Instagram profile in the social media’s algorithm by an increase in profile impressions and conversions.

200+ Industries

Our methods can be used for any type of niche.

90 Day Transformation

Our tried and true method takes around 90 days to see its true affect.

Constant Communication

Our automated script communications can help you follow up with potential leads so that you don't have to.



Regular Audits


Is My Account Safe?

We go above and beyond to ensure that our practices are ethical, practical, and abide by Instagram’s terms of service.

We continuously train our team on the latest industry standards and guidelines, conduct regular audits to ensure compliance and take a proactive approach to identifying and addressing any potential issues.

No actions we execute will jeopardize your account.

Packaged For Everyone

Whether you’re just looking for a quick boost, a brand launch off or consistent interactions to drive leads non-stop, we have a package for your Instagram marketing.

    Billed Month-to-Month


    Quick Boost

    • No Contract
    • Custom Niche AI
    • Dedicated Support Team
    Billed Annually


    Billed Quarterly


    Launch Off

    $279 $249/month
    • No Contract
    • Custom Niche AI
    • 24/7 Support Team
    • 0 to 90 Day Analytic Report
    Refund Policy

    Refund Policy: Please note that due to the nature of our services, all services provided by our agency are non-refundable. This includes but is not limited to any errors caused by client’s actions, unknown use of third party services or programs, Instagram’s Terms of Service and other miscellaneous actions that are out of our control. We understand that results take time, but our past and current successes do not 100% guarantee future success. We encourage our clients to discuss their expectations and objectives with us before purchasing to ensure we are on the same page and work towards a common goal. We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

    How Our Clients Feel

    From musicians to manufacturing companies and every business in-between, see what our clients say about our Instagram marketing services.

    LV service + combined HQ posts and timing from my end resulted in growing nearly 5,000 organic follows a month. My videos hit explore a few times a week resulting in over 2,000,000 impressions a week.

    This is my third month with Lightvital's service and I've got more than 1400 followers, like and lots of interactions and engage everyday. It's been worth it this far

    I absolutely love this service! I have no problem EVER and my daily engagements are extremely consistent regardless if I post anything or not. Highly recommend!!

    Great service and very responsive. The service in itself is interesting and seems to be working -- while the improvement isn't where I'd like it to be, it's a good start!

    I grew my account from 6k to almost 18,000 with this service

    Best real engagement service out there. It's not fake like the other ones - - where you're buying fake accounts to follow, like / bots. These are real and it requires more work from your end, but it IS worth it. Bought the Launch Off package++